New Rumors Greatly Increase Galaxy S6 Functionality Through Back Covers

Not a day passes now without us seeing some rumor,news or leak about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Whether it is a confirmation of previous speculation, more speculation, alleged leaks or simply leaked images of the device, by now we have a fair idea of what Samsung's upcoming flagship should look like. Today is one more of these days, but the information we bring to you sounds much more futuristic.

galaxy s6 prototypeLatest Samsung Galaxy S6 Pegs Device With Multiple Back Covers

Today's leak, which sounds more like a Samsung fanboy's imagination of what he/she would like to see on the Galaxy S6, puts some interesting features on the device. According to a Polish Android website, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming with multiple back covers on board. The function of these won't simply be for show, but each back cover for the device will perform a specific function.

The covers will function through a back connector on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and can be changed at will. As far as the functions of these covers go, they range from health to multimedia. One cover will be sued to monitor your blood sugar level and will be able to sync with the S-Health app. Another comes equipped with an ink display that will help in reading books. Yet another will be able to connect to different fitness machines and gather medical and other data related to your physical fitness. A final one will allow you to connect extra lenses to your Galaxy S6.

The ideas above are just a few, and according to the source of the information, the functionality of these covers will be open to developers as well. In all fairness, this ends up sounding a little bit too good to be true, and choosing extra covers will greatly increase the amount of accessories required to fully access the Galaxy S6 and should end up having an effect on the cost of the device as well. Stay tuned. We'll keep you updated.

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