Rumored SamsungPay Mini Is The Company’s Web-Based Solution For iPhone Users

The Apple Pay debuted quite a while back and since then, the company is looking forward to expand its mobile payment system across various markets that it operates in. However, the emergence of mobile payment system has gathered a lot of traction as competitors like Samsung and Google have stepped in to compete against Apple. Apparently, Samsung plans to extend its mobile payment system through SamsungPay Mini.

SamsungPay Mini Is A Web-Based Option For iPhone And Other Smartphones

According to ET News, Samsung is planning to expand its mobile payment platform and more importantly, this could include the iPhone. This means that users who do not own the company's Galaxy-branded handset will be able to take advantage of Samsung Pay. Probably, Samsung is planning to launch the much rumored "SamsungPay Mini" which will be a web-based option for all smartphones that does not fall under Samsung's Galaxy-labelled devices. This will not only allow iPhone owners, but other Android smartphone owners to use Samsung Pay on their host devices.

SamsungPay Mini will not be a hardware feature that smartphone manufacturers have to integrate in their smartphones, but a mobile application that users can download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Users can register their credit or debit card details through the application. This will allow users to make online purchases via third-party websites with their host platform.

Samsung Pay

At this certain point in time, there are no details as to when it might finally arrive. Moreover, there is also no news of how the application will operate and what other factors would need to be considered. For what we know, the report does suggest that SamsungPay Mini will be initially launched in South Korea. South Korea could thus be a testing ground for the company and if things work out, we will probably see it in other markets as well.

If the rumors stay true, Samsung could be releasing its mobile payment app next month. This will allow Samsung to increase and strengthen online payments. The act would also put Samsung into the direct competitor list of Apple. As interesting as it sounds, Apple is also rumored to be launching website integration for Apple Pay, which will probably be released for this year's holiday shopping season.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about SamsungPay Mini? Do you think it's a viable move from Samsung to launch a web-based solution for iPhone and other non-Galaxy smartphones? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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