Rumored Nintendo Switch Wii U Port Is Not Actually A Port; Mario Kart 8 Switch To Feature “At Least” 16 New Tracks

Jan 12, 2017 05:45 EST

The fact that the Nintendo Switch January presentation is mere hours away isn't stopping new rumors on the console and its games. A few hours ago, insider Emily Rogers talked about the Mario Kart 8 Switch port and on another rumored port which, apparently, is not a port at all.

Answering a question regarding the Nintendo Switch upcoming games, Emily Rogers revealed on Twitter that one of the previously rumored Wii U ports is not actually a port. With the Switch apparently getting Super Smash Bros., Splatoon and Super Mario Maker ports, it could be any of the three.

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What Emily Rogers can confirm is that the Mario Kart game featured in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer is indeed a port of Mario Kart 8. Like hinted by the possible cover art, Mario Kart 8 Switch will feature plenty of additional tracks, at least 16 new ones.

Among the many things that we will finally learn later today is the Nintendo Switch final price. Retailers in North America are tentatively pricing the console between $200 and $299.99, so there's the chance that different editions and bundles will be available at launch.

The Nintendo Switch will launch on a yet to be confirmed March date in all regions. With the Nintendo Switch presentation coming in a few hours, it won't take long to finally learn all there is to know about it and its launch titles, so stay tuned for all the latest news.