Root Moto X without Unlocking Bootloader

Rafia Shaikh

If you have just bought a brand new Moto X and are trying to get its root access, we just might have the solution! Although the root method became available soon after device's release, it required unlocked bootloader. In this tutorial we will share with you both the ways of rooting your Moto X with and without the unlocked bootloader.

Compatible for: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular.

Prerequisites to root Moto X without unlocking Bootloader:

  • Backup any important data from your Moto X as a complete wipe will be required during the flashing process.
  • Enable USB debugging option on your device: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
  • Your device must be charged to at least 60% of power.

How to root Moto X with root exploit (unlocked bootloader):

Required files: download and install Android SDK/Android Studio on your computer. Download the correct version of MotoRoot app depending on your carrier from here. Also download the ADB and Fastboot files and extract the zip: Android SDK Copy the MotoRoot app file to the extracted Android SDK folder.

  • Inside the Android SDK folder, launch command prompt: press the Shift key followed by a  right click on mouse. From the drop down, select Open command prompt here.
  • Type the following command in the cmd window - replace the apk name in bold with the one you have downloaded.
    • adb install -r MotoRoot1.1-Verizon.apk
  • MotoRoot app will not be installed on your Moto X.
  • Open the app on your smartphone and tap on Setup. Device will reboot.
  • Download and install the SuperSU app from the Google Play Store.

Ta da! You got the root access of your Moto X with unlocked bootloader.

How to root Moto X without unlocking Bootloader - locked Bootloader:

This method is pretty same as the above and is compatible with all the variants of Moto X mentioned above. Download the PwnMyMoto apk file from the here. Also download and extract the ADB-Fastboot filesAndroid SDK Copy the apk file to the Fastboot SDK folder.

  • From inside the SDK folder, launch command prompt and type the following - use your apk name on the bold part of the command. 
    • adb install -r PwnMyMoto PwnMyMoto-1.1-Verizon.apk and press enter key.
  • The exploit root apk will be installed on your Moto X.
  • Run the PwnMyMoto app on the phone. It will reboot quite a few times so don't be worried and stay patient.
  • After the final reboot, PwnMyMoto will uninstall itself automatically - you can now download and install SuperSU app.

Awesome! You have just used the Moto X exploit to root your Moto X without unlocking the bootloader. Wait till some working custom recovery tool becomes available to start installing custom ROMs, mods and tweaks.

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