Root and Unlock Bootloader on Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH i605


In the Android world, a device is deemed useless if it's not rooted or unlocked. At one side rooting and unlocking bootloader are some of the most fan favorite buzzwords and at the other, they are the most despised words too. Rooting definitely optimizes your device, increases performance and enriches it with fantastic features using the custom ROMs. But then it also voids the warranty, at times bricks the device and the sort. Which keeps many from rooting their Android devices.

This gets even more wound up when the phone comes with a locked bootloader from a carrier. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was also deemed to be one of the most secure devices. But do our developers stay quite? Adam Outler came up with this simple tool for rooting, unlocking bootloader and installing a custom recovery tool. The Casual One-Click root tool for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is the easiest tool to safely root your Note 2, unlock its bootloader and also installs a custom recovery.

Important: this tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model SCH-i605. The Casual One-Click tool works with both Windows and Linus and on Android 4.1.1 and Android 4.1.2.

Note: turn the USB Debugging on on your Note 2: Settings Development. Also make sure to have a working internet connection on your computer as the tool requires the internet connection during the process.

How to root and unlock bootloader on Verizon Galaxy Note 2 with Casual One-Click Root tool:

To root, unlock bootloader and install custom recovery, the Casual One-Click root tool requires the latest Java version on your computer. Click here to run the java test. If you do not have the latest version then download it from here.

Required files: download the Casual Root Tool: BackAtchaVerizon-Casual-Revision401b.Jar

  • We don't need don't need to boot into Download mode.
  • Double click the BackAtchaVerizon-CASUAL-Revision401b.jar file to launch it on computer - would take a few seconds.
  • When it opens, connect your Note 2 to computer using a USB cable.
  • When the Link Status shows Device Connected, click on the Do it button.
  • The root tool will run the script and you will get a warning screen. Click on Continue and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • When the process is completed successfully, you will have your Verizon Note 2 SCH-I605 rooted with unlocked bootloader and custom recovery tool - TWRP recovery - installed!