Rogers Is Giving You A Free MicroSD Card With The Purchase Of Galaxy S7


Rogers Wireless, the Canadian wireless telephone company is offering you guys a ‘once in a lifetime’ deal and that is getting a MicroSD card completely free with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. You will definitely want to take a look at this deal because the original value of the MicroSD card is quite high.

Galaxy S7

Rogers Wireless Is Giving You A 128GB Samsung EVO MicroSDXC Card With The Purchase Of Galaxy S7 Or Galaxy S7 Edge

Now that both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge come with a MicroSD card slot, consumers will definitely want to incorporate the vacant slot with as much storage as possible. With Rogers wireless, they will not have to spend a single dime on a storage card since they will be getting a Samsung MicroSDXC card, with a capacity of 128GB, absolutely free. Given below are the terms that you should read before making your purchase.

“Offer available for a limited time starting April 7th, 2016, while quantities last, and is subject to change without notice. Available with purchase of Samsung Galaxy GS7 or GS7 edge. If customer returns the smartphone within 15 days of receiving the device, customer must also return the Samsung 128 GB Micro SD memory card in its original condition.”

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The 128GB MicroSD carries a retail price of $129.99 and supports the UHS-1 bus interface, and satisfies speeds of the U1 Class. This means that the read and write speeds of up to 80MB/second and 20MB/second respectively should be expected from this card. As for the prices of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the former carries a two-year contract price of $399, while the 5.5-inch edge variant will carry a two-year contract price of $499.

Both devices will feature 32GB of on-board storage, which should be compelling enough for you to take the deal. While Rogers has not specified when the deal will last, it does state the MicroSD card quantities are limited, as they should be. While both devices support up 200GB of expandable, getting free things gives you a feeling that cannot be matched by those emotions when you paying for something.


Furthermore, the sequential read and write speeds of the storage card are impressive enough, thus the high price tag, so if we were you, we would definitely purchase one. Tell us what you thought about this deal and if you have any more to share, we will put them up as well.