Rockstar Games Responds to Hack with Statement: “Our Work in the Next GTA will Continue as Planned”

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Last weekend saw a historical development that was unprecedented, to say the least. That was because a hacker (rumored to be the same one responsible for the Uber hacking) leaked several assets of a supposed Grand Theft Auto VI early build which have been scrutinized by the internet since. Needless to say, the impact of this leak has been making waves across the industry.

This morning, Rockstar issued a response regarding the incident in a tweet which you can see below:

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So, let's break down this statement one by one. You might be curious about why Rockstar Games is addressing the integrity of their live service games. Well, this is because the hacker has recently come out and said that they allegedly possess the source code both for this upcoming entry and Grand Theft Auto V, which, if true, can be devastating for the game's integrity should it be leaked.

The second part of this statement shows Rockstar Games' own reaction toward the leak itself, seemingly confirming its contents to be legitimate. However, it seems like nothing regarding Grand Theft Auto VI's current state of development will happen or change. As such, players should still be able to expect this new entry in the series to be formerly presented at some point in the future.

After years of speculation, GTA 6 was officially confirmed by Rockstar Games on February 4th, 2022. The game will be a new benchmark not only for the series but for gaming and entertainment as a whole. As to the release date of GTA 6, some analysts had guessed it could take place within Take-Two's fiscal year 2023 (April 2023 - March 2024).

On the other hand, leaker Tom Henderson said last year that the game could be targeting a release date as far away as late 2025. Regardless of which date the game might be released, you should stay tuned with Wccftech as more news regarding this upcoming Rockstar game surfaces.

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