ROCCAT Aims to Take on Logitech’s Impressive Wireless G900 Chaos Spectrum With Its Own LEADR

Omar Sohail
ROCCAT LEADR wireless gaming mouse

You’ve heard about the impressive wireless gaming capabilities of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum and ROCCAT LEADR aims to be its biggest rival in the expensive gaming mouse market. The peripherals manufacturer has unleashed a new mouse that features a multitude of buttons that we feel will serve competitive gamers and those that like to take advantage of multiple buttons for improving productivity and slashing their time in half.

ROCCAT LEADR Features a Total of 14 Mouse Buttons, a Solid 2D Titan Wheel and a Battery Life That Will Last Considerably

From a first impressions look at the mouse, it has some serious ergonomics going for it but unlike the G900 Chaos Spectrum, it will only be intended for right-handed gamers or casual PC users. In total, there are 14 mouse buttons, which can be useful for playing MMO-type games as well as have their own custom actions when you’re heavily immersed in work-related activities such as word processing and others.

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According to ROCCAT, the LEADR features an Owl-Eye optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI, and there is a 1,000mAh battery that’s built-in so you will not be required to purchase Lithium-Cadmium cells from time to time. Included in the packaging is a 1.8m microUSB to USB cable but even if you misplace this accessory, any microUSB cable will be able to charge the wireless gaming mouse.

The mouse features complete RGB lightning, which can be tuned through the company’s software. ROCCAT claims that the user will be able to experience 20+ hours when using the mouse wirelessly but we believe that you will be able to get even more juice from it if you switch off the RGB-lightning function completely.

The manufacturer has started to take pre-orders for its LEADR and it comes at a steep $139.99. If you do not want to wait for future reviews, you can always purchase the G900 Chaos Spectrum for your everyday use.


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