Pixio PX325c Gaming Monitor Video Review



Pixio PX325c

Type SVA Panel
Price $349.99 USD

Pixio is likely a name in the monitor game that many of you have not heard about so a brief back story may be in order here.  Established just last year in 2016, Pixio was founded by hardcore gamers who wanted to bring enthusiast level quality to budget level pricing so more people could enjoy the extras.

Still being a fairly new and young company they have plenty of room to grow and are always seeking feedback from the community on the features that gamers want and what they're looking for in their monitor and seem to avoid the cookie cutter style monitor.

And that is how we've ended up here today.  While they had a smash hit with their PX277 (27 inch 2560x1440, 144Hz panel) they've moved into some very interesting choices.  Currently offering something a little unique in their newer PX245c (24 inch curved 1920x1080 144Hz FreeSync panel) and the PX325c, which is what we're looking at in these videos.


-32 inch FHD (Full High Definition) 1920 x 1080 pixels
-144Hz liquid smooth, blur-free Refresh Rate
-AMD FreeSync (59~144hz) although Radeon Settings reports 48-144
-Flicker Free, Low Blue Light
-178˚ Viewing Angle
-Anti-glare Screen
-4ms Response Time (Overdrive)
-3000:1 Contrast Ratio, 50000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
-1x HDMI, 1x DVI, and 1x DP connection
-Built-in Gaming Crosshair
-Built-in Game Timer
-VESA 100x100

Unboxing and First Look


Features and Review


The Pixio PX325c was provided by Pixio for this review and is available on Amazon.com.

The Pixio PX245c which shares everything but the size and price tag is also available on Amazon.com


An excellent gaming monitor that may not be for everyone, but those looking for a larger monitor that will be easy to drive at higher frame rates will find solace in the PX325c and it's excellent feature set and attractive price point!

Design & Aesthetics10


  • Large size without appearing over pixelated.
  • High refresh rate and Freesync LFC support.
  • Comfortable 1800r Curve works well with size.
  • Excellent for controller gaming.
  • Colors and viewing angles are excellent and crisp


  • Slight ghosting.
  • only 1920x1080p for such a large size.
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