We've got a pair of nifty little earbuds for review today. The Crazybaby Air Nanos are the Utah based startup's entry-level earbuds. They're meant for budget-conscious users looking for convenience and portability. In these segments, the Air Nanos comfortably deliver. In others, their performance is sometimes less than stellar.

The Crazybaby Air Nano retail at $99 and come in ten different colors. They're more of a 'funky' alternative to the company's Air 1S earbuds, which retail at $169. The Air Nanos have the same Carbon Nanotube diaphragm as the Air 1S, but they are not water and sweat resistant. They've got a 5.5mm driver unit and will last you around 2 hours and 20 minutes on average.

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Design And Sound Quality:

Design wise the Air Nanos resemble small bullets with edged tips. Each earbuds measures 14mm in diameter at the head, and 23.5mm in length. It's the Air Nanos' edged tips that perform their greatest function and have the capacity to either make or break your experience. If you can figure out how to correctly align the tips with your inner ear, then you'll have a snug listening experience.

If you're unable to properly fit the earbuds in your ear, then they'll remain uncomfortably loose. This, in turn, will not block out ambient noise, and therefore result in a sub-optimal listening experience.


Inside the box, you get three pairs of differently sized ear tips, winged q-tips, and the Air Nano's charging capsule. This capsule will last around three complete charges. Crazybaby advertises 3 hours battery time for the Air Nanos on a single charge. We believe that this is a rather generous estimate, one likely based on lower volumes. During our tests, the Air Nanos provided approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes of battery with the volume slider set at three-fourths.

A problem that we encountered during our first review of the Air Nanos is poor Bluetooth connectivity. Our first review unit dropped signals consistently when the smartphone to which the buds were paired too was inside the reviewer's pocket. In the second review unit, which we're reviewing today, the problem isn't as persistent. Throughout two weeks of testing, the Crazybaby Air Nano dropped signals only five times (trust me, I kept note). This performance is satisfactory, and so you shouldn't worry about poor Bluetooth performance from the pair.

Moving towards sound quality the Air Nano isolates ambient effectively noise and provides a good listening experience. However, if you like bass, then these are not the earphones for you. The lack of base naturally accentuates the treble, and this effect is clearest when listening to dialogue instead of music. The resulting high pitch borders on the sideline of being irritating if you switch to a movie after hours of listening to music.

The Air Nano capsule is made out of thin plastic which isn't durable. However, it is compact, and you'll find it easy to accommodate while commuting unless you're wearing tight jeans only. Placing the buds inside this capsule is tricky. You'll have to carefully align the charging pins in the capsule with their receptors on the earbuds. The case allows two complete recharge cycles for the earbuds.

Crazybaby Air Nano with their winged q-tips.

Conclusion And Final Remarks:

To conclude, the Crazybaby Air Nano are a balanced pair of earbuds. They deliver well in some areas, such as portability, a snug fit and above-average sound. But the earbuds also have weaknesses. Too much treble during dialogue and an uncomfortable design are two highly-visible and hard to ignore problems.

Even if you are able to securely fit the earbuds inside your ear, wearing them for more than an hour proves uncomfortable. The top of the Air Nanos is too fat and pushes against the outer ear. The Nano buds' charging pins, in particular, irritate the thin skin covering the ear cartilage.

Wccftech.com received no compensation for this review, we are not affiliated with Crazybaby, and we do not receive any commission from a sale of Crazybaby's products.


Wccftech Rating

A great pair of earbuds, with above-average sound. You won't feel any difficulty carrying them around.

  • -Snug fit if you place them inside ear correctly
  • -Good value
  • -Ten different color options
  • -Passable battery life
  • -Poor ergonomics
  • -Too much Treble
  • -Some Bluetooth problems
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