Airen is a quite not so known brand but a company who is a manufacturer of a variety of PC Chassis’s, cooling fans and gaming peripherals. Today we’d be reviewing their product, the ‘RedMouseR’.


The RedMouseR comes with the standard features of an ordinary mouse in an ergonomic design.
Dimensions: 120 × 60 × 40 mm
Weight: 180 g
Resolution: 800 dpi
Cable Length: 1.5 m
Port: USB or PS/2 (USB to PS/2 converter provided)
Color: Red-Black Exterior
System Requirements: Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Buttons: 3
Connectivity: USB 2.0


As mentioned before, the Airmen RedMouseR has the same features of an ordinary mouse except this is an ergonomic design.


As we look at the packaging, the RedMouseR is held in place by a plastic cover inside the box that also shows what the package inside looks like.


At the back of the box are some details of the mouse that is in French, Spanish, Italian and a few other languages respectively.

The package includes the mouse itself and a USB to PS/2 converter.
Box stuff

Closer Examination

On closer inspection of the mouse itself, it seems and feels rather a bit of a cheap build quality.
Frankly, the paint over the RedMouseR it seems as if it was just sprayed over just to get the job done.



The rest of the mouse is pretty much standard. This 800 dpi ergonomic design mouse gives you a solid grip over the mouse as themed as a gamers’ item.The center scroll wheel is illuminated by a red LED implanted in the mouse.

Underneath the mouse, it just shows the S/N and "Airen RedMouseR"

Insight of the Product


A 3-button ergonomic design optical mouse. It feels comfortable and easy on the hand to use.

Performance / Durability

What surprised me was the smoothness and responsiveness of the mouse when in use. It handles well in FPS games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty 4, but won’t make you the sharpest shooter out there.


No software is bundled along with the RedMouseR.


If someone would want a mouse for general use, I would recommend this. Not in the case for gaming. Just because it may have the ‘looks’ doesn’t mean you’d get a kill strike easily in COD 4. If you want to game, get a Razer Death Adder.


• Ergonomic Design
• Cheap
• Smoother glide than your average mouse


• No Weight Management

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