Retail AMD Bulldozer chips Ready, FX-8150P to Launch in Q3 2011 at 269US$ Price

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD Bulldozer's Release Date and Pricing have been leaked over at OBR's blog. The guy has detailed that AMD will be releasing the chips somewhere around September 12-23, We already reported the September 19th Release date of AMD Bulldozer Processors here.

 Also, The FX-8150P on launch would cost 269US$ which is 58$ higher then Intel's i5 2500K CPU while being 50$ cheaper than the Sandy Bridge 2nd Generation flagship i7 2600K CPU. The FX-8150P will come with 8 Cores/8 Threads. The CPU was rumored to come with 4.2Ghz stock and 4.7 Ghz Turbo Core clock frequency (Details here), But the new B2 revision will feature clock speeds of a few less Mhz. 

You can check out the picture below shows that Retail AMD chips are now ready, Mass Production starts in August:



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