Retail AMD Bulldozer chips Ready, FX-8150P to Launch in Q3 2011 at 269US$ Price


AMD Bulldozer's Release Date and Pricing have been leaked over at OBR's blog. The guy has detailed that AMD will be releasing the chips somewhere around September 12-23, We already reported the September 19th Release date of AMD Bulldozer Processors here.

 Also, The FX-8150P on launch would cost 269US$ which is 58$ higher then Intel's i5 2500K CPU while being 50$ cheaper than the Sandy Bridge 2nd Generation flagship i7 2600K CPU. The FX-8150P will come with 8 Cores/8 Threads. The CPU was rumored to come with 4.2Ghz stock and 4.7 Ghz Turbo Core clock frequency (Details here), But the new B2 revision will feature clock speeds of a few less Mhz. 

You can check out the picture below shows that Retail AMD chips are now ready, Mass Production starts in August:



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