Report Suggests Pokémon GO’s Spawning Nests Have Been Completely Randomized Across The Globe


It seems that Pokémon GO's "spawn nests" have been completely randomized for a rare Pokémon. Previously, Pokémon GO users were a little confused and disappointed when the spawn nest migration did not arrive on time as it was supposed to. However, now a new change has been implemented that will interest Pokémon GO players. Let's see some more details on the subject.

Pokémon GO Spawn Nests Have Been Entirely Randomized For Rare Pokémon

The last time when the company implemented a change in the spawning nest in Pokémon GO, the preset list of Pokémon would change to a different set. The nests kept on changing followed by an update. However, there are a simple yet different set of rules followed now. Niantic Labs have now totally randomized the spawning system. This means that other than checking which Pokémon is spawning instead of the previous one, the spawning system is now completely randomized.

One aspect of the Pokémon GO has not changed and that is the rarity. This suggests that you now do not have a way of predicting what the nests have changed into. What previously used to be a Charmander nest now spawns Digletts, Ponytas or others. According to Forbes, these nests now give out a totally randomized or different Pokémon and the only link between them is a relative rarity.

Another important aspect worth noting is that this does not impact the spawns resting at low level, which you find on a daily basis. The "staples" of your specific area will remain the same and any rare Pokémon above the baseline will be totally randomized. You could use third-party sites to see what nest is spawning at what location. While it was pretty handy to look online and check what rare nests have changed into, the update will now make players travel and discover more about spawning.

We are yet unsure why Niantic Labs have taken this decision. However, we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more news on the subject. Nonetheless, Pokémon GO demands you to explore the world in the first place, so it's not out of their course at all. Have you guys noticed different Pokémon where you live?

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new Pokémon GO update surrounding the spawning nests being totally randomized across the globe? Let us know in the comments section below.