Report Suggests Facebook Is Working On A Video Chatting Device With A Large Touchscreen Display


There have been numerous reports in the past that  hinted at Facebook's new device. Now a report have surfaced from Bloomberg that sheds more light on the highly anticipated major hardware product from the social networking giant. The new product from the company will allow individuals to chat with each other on a bigger display featuring a sophisticated camera and a virtual assistant. So let's dive in to see some more details on Facebook's major hardware product, which could potentially be with us soon.

Facebook Is Working On A Video Chatting Device And A Smart Speaker?

The rumored device will feature a touchscreen display as big as a laptop. In this regard, previous reports have suggested that the display will be as large as 15-inches and the panel will be supplied by LG. In addition to this, this so-called device will feature a wide-angle camera, speakers, microphone and will be powered by AI to enhance its performance. If you're wondering the company would develop its own operating system from scratch then you're own. Instead, it will opt to run it on Android.

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The device would not be anything that you use today. Even the camera wouldn't be the standard mainstream camera that we make use of on our smartphones. It would automatically scan people in the room and then zoom onto them. Facebook is also working on a 360-degree camera accessory to go with the operation. However, at this point, it is unclear if it will be available on time. As for when the device will be released, it could possibly be announced next Spring at the F8 developer conference.

The video chatting device is not the only thing that Facebook is working on. To compete against the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, the company is in the works to make a standalone smart speaker. To accomplish that, Facebook is hiring engineers from Apple who were part of creating Siri. This means that the smart speaker will incorporate a smart assistant to handle your relevant queries. Moreover, the same virtual assistant will be integrated with the video chatting device as well.

The price of the smart speaker will be as low as a $100. This penetrating pricing strategy would allow the company to seep into the highly competitive smart speaker market. Apple has also announced its HomePod smart speaker at this year's WWDC event which will be released sometime in December. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Facebook's video chatting device and a cheap smart speaker with an integrated virtual assistant? Share your views in the comments.