Report Suggests Apple AirPods Market Share Is Highly Exaggerated


Even though Apple AirPods were introduced to the general public a little late, the company did manage to take advantage of the hype. Moreover, there were mixed thoughts on the product in terms of design language and functionality. Nonetheless, many still liked it. Now, according to a new report, it is said that the estimated market share figures have been greatly exaggerated. Lets see some more details on the subject.

Apple AirPods Market Share Geatly Exaggerated?

With that said, previous reports regarding the market share of Apple's wireless headphones was a whopping 26 percent of the total market. In contrast to this, new findings by market research from NPD suggests that Apple AirPods only had a presence of 2 percent by unit sales and 3 percent by value.

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Regardless of Apple's actual market share figures, Beats Electronics has managed to score a competitive position in the total market for wireless headphones. The report further suggests that even though Apple AirPods market share is pretty low, the company did enjoy a good start. It is also said that after about just a month of release, the company's wireless headphones were on par with other brands like Jaybird and Plantronics.

Even though Apple had a good start, we also have to consider the fact that Apple AirPods were a little short in supply after the release. So with due considerations, sales figures could have potentially increased.

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If you're interested, the company enjoyed 2 percent in terms of unit sales and 3 percent in terms of dollar value. Beats Electronics on the other hand enjoyed a hefty 25 percent in terms of unit sales while the dollar sales were 46 percent. In addition to this, companies like Plantronics and Jaybird managed to scored two percent unit sales each.

It's not that Apple has forgotten its wireless headphones. The company is heavily investing to boost the sales of its AirPods. Recently, the company has released three new ads that shares insights on the Apple AirPods. Not only this, but a recent report also suggests that Apple is increasing the production of its wireless headphones due to increase in consumer demand.

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Nonetheless, today's report says that Apple AirPods market share was highly exaggerated and the true figures reflect low numbers. We're sure to hear more on the subject so be sure to stay tuned for that.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple AirPods? Do you think the company exaggerated its wireless headphone market share? Share your thoughts in the comments.