[Report] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 With 64-Bit Octa-Core Exynos 5433 To Be Available As Well

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 has a launch date of September this year. The tablet is expected to be launched by the company at the IFA Berlin gadget show and has several features. IT is to be introduced in a completely new form factor and will come most likely with four color options. In addition, the tablet is also to feature a camera with optical image stabilization to assist in taking photos. The device will also be the first to run Google Android L which was showcased at this year's Google I/O. Well, Samsung is now saying that the Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in two variants. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come featuring an Exyons 5433 SoC as well, in addition to a Snapdragon chip. If this report is correct, than we could be in for a very exciting device indeed, as the Exynos 5433 features several enhancements over its predecessors.

Samsung Posts Twitter Update Teasing About Potential New Exynos Processor To Be Shown Tomorrow - Could Be The Exynos 5433

This update comes via a tweet made by Samsung Exynos. It is entirely possible that the announcement that is to be made tomorrow could be related to the next Exynos i.e. the Exynos 5433. The Exynos 5433 should most likely be an octa core processor with four Cortex A15 and four Cortex A7 cores. The chip is also expected to feature an upgraded Mali GPU. This will end up giving the Note 4 a display resolution of 2K or 2560 x 1600 pixels. In addition, perhaps the biggest feature of the Exynos 5433 is that it includes the Intel XMM7260 on board cellular chip. The Intel XMM7260 is a category 6 LTE modem and its inclusion on the Exynos 5433 means that Samsung will now be able to introduce the Galaxy Note 4 to more markets than before. In addition to providing greater market penetration, the LTE 6 will be able to give Galaxy Note 4 users download speeds of up to 300 Mb/s. Lets wait for tomorrow and see what Samsung really has in store for us, which most likely is the Exynos 5433.

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