Remedy PR Head On PS4 Pro: “Not A Sequel”, Unlike The Xbox Scorpio; “More About Rendering A Way To 4K”


Following Sony’s PS4 Pro announcement yesterday, Remedy Entertainment’s head of communications, Thomas Puha, has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts about Sony’s “high end” PS4.

From the beginning, reports suggested that the PS4 Pro, previously codenamed PS4 Neo, would be a mid-generation upgrade to the original PS4, hence early reports named the console the PS4.5. Judging from Sony’s presentation yesterday, games on the PS4 Pro look amazing, but real 4K might only be achievable for some titles. Speaking on Twitter, Puha asked for people’s opinions on the PS4 Pro. He adds that, personally, the console is more about rendering towards 4K resolution, instead of pure hardware power.

Interesting to note is that the rendering techniques used by the PS4 Pro, are quite alike to Remedy’s techniques used in Quantum Break.

Since the PS4.5 rumors surfaced earlier this year, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stated that he’s not a fan of an Xbox 1.5. The Xbox head explained that, if Microsoft would more forward, they would do so in big numbers – enter the Xbox Scorpio, which Microsoft announced as the “most powerful console ever” during this year’s E3. Packed with 6 TFLOPS of GPU power, Microsoft promises “true” 4K gaming without having to make “compromises”.

The most powerful console ever. Holiday 2017.

Compared to Sony’s PS4 Neo, the Scorpio sounds more like a next-gen console, which is exactly what Remedy’s head of communications thinks as well. The PS4 Pro is a “high end PS4”, Puha said on Twitter. It’s “not a sequel”, unlike the Xbox Scorpio.

Do you agree with Puha on this? Hit the comments below. The PS4 Pro is slated for a release on November 10 and will retail for $ 399. Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio has already been announced, but won’t be released until next year. Stay tuned for more news about Sony’s newly announced PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio.