The Refurbished Desktop Layout Of Play Store – Google Tests Sidebar For Related Apps

Ali Salman

Google Play Store mobile has been a great repository for the provision of applications to us and Play Store for web just makes things more easier. There has been news of Google shoveling the dust of its traditional style layout for the web, but the operation to execution has taken a little too long to implement. According to several sources, Google has been running tests for its new layout which might be made public soon. For more, jump to the details.

Currently, when we open the app, the entire similar app category is displayed at the very end of the web page and Google might be aware of this problem. The idea is to create a new layout which will display the applications on the sidebar for easy sight and enhanced user friendliness. This would not be a major change and will not have any chain effects, but no doubt it would have a positive impact on the users.

GMAILGoogle’s New Play Store Layout – Introduces Sidebar Refernces

A reader of this blog named Patryk Szczyglowski, observed an experimental interface for Google Play web. The updated web version of the Google Play Store has introduced a sidebar which will show of the latest trending applications which is completely anew. The UI also offers a list of similar apps and other apps made by the same developer. If we compare the UI of the older and the modernized layout, these additions were placed at the bottom of the page, below the description and other information like the changelog.

Emphasizing the experiment Patryk also said, "Please note, it doesn't fit my laptop screen 1366x768, but Google might enable this experiment for me, because I have been using an external Full HD screen for a week recently."

Some don’t see a point in it but seems like the Google Play Web would be more user friendly with all the suggestions at the sidebar. This would allow users to potentially involve in discovering new applications with ease. Google will undoubtedly benefit from this. What do you guys think? Is the new layout worth implying? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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