Red Dead Redemption 2 Details Leak From Disgruntled Former Rockstar Employee

While this is an old Reddit thread, it checks out. A disgruntled former employee with Rockstar took to Reddit to leak some details about the upcoming Red Redemption 2 two months ago. While not necessarily too revealing, they provide great insight into what to expect.

Red Redemption 2 Leak

Red Dead Redemption 2 is chronologically before the original, with three playable characters and the ability to choose the breed of your horse.

This disgruntled employee was highly dissatisfied with his boss at Rockstar, so wanted to leak information as a way to reclaim their humanity. Not necessarily the smartest move on her/his part, but we the gamers benefit from this great pouring forth of information.

My boss was a major D*** so this is why I am leaking info on the up coming Red Dead Redemption prequel.

- Anonymous former Rockstar employee

The title is supposedly set to be Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West, and will be set 12 years before the original and in the same area. The three characters consist of Irish, Seth and a character of your own creation. That third character was described as being akin to the multiplayer character you make in GTA V. They won't be playable during story missions, but they can assist during most of the game.

Interestingly, Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to follow other precedents set by GTA V as well. You'll be able to eventually buy a safe-house of your own and customize your clothes, and horse, beyond what was available in the first installment. Apparently saddle choice will have an effect on your characters stats too.

The enterprising anonymous former employee also shed light into a Gang System, where you can join different gangs throughout the region or even help out law enforcement in different towns should you want to have a more positive effect on the environment. In that gang system is the ability to play with a posse, or 4-8 friends, in a co-op mode to conduct missions.

The premise and overall mechanics, if these details are correct, are taking on a very GTA like approach. The entire game is shaping up to be GTA in the wild west, again, with all the elements that have been upgraded in GTA V.

But, of course, these are just leaks from an anonymous source that may or may not be telling the truth. So please be sure to have a saline drip before considering these details are necessarily real. Nonetheless, it would make sense to follow on the successful model of GTA V, making Red Dead Redemption 2 a unique yet familiar game.

Details are supposed to emerge during E3 this year, so perhaps some of this information will be confirmed, or debunked.

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