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ReCore Version For PC Intimated by Armature Studio Employee Profile


An employee from Armature Studio, the developer working on ReCore, has apparently mentioned that they have experience working on ReCore and list it as being an Xbox One and a PC title.

Is a PC version of ReCore possibly in the works?

Spotted originally on NeoGAF by user Shiggy, it appears that on an employees personal portfolio website they happen to mention that ReCore is on PC as well as the Xbox One.

Developer: Armature Studio
Platform(s): Xbox One, PC

ReCore is an upcoming 3rd-person action adventure game being developed in partnership with Keiji Inafune, exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10. In ReCore, you play one of the last surviving humans and team up with a variety of robot companions to travel through a hostile and mysterious world. Having just been announced, I am not at liberty to post any more details about the game just yet, but Microsoft has big plans for the game and the IP over the coming year.

Further into the profile it seems that they also mention ReCore as a PC game listed as part of his experience, meaning that if it's been written twice, it wasn't necessarily on accident. It doesn't mean it's true, either, but it's nice to know that perhaps there's a chance that this novel RPG could make it's way onto the PC.


Senior/Principal Designer - Armature Studios (2010 - Present)
Recore (Xbox One, PC)

Oddly, though, Shiggy also seems to have found another mention of ReCore for PC by yet another employee of Armature Studios, at least not explicitely. The Linkedin profile states that this individual has trained individuals on Unity for a game that's on both Xbox One and the PC.

None of this is definitive in it's own right, and categorizing ReCore as a PC game could very well be a way to set the Internet ablaze, but it's also in line with the statements that Kudo Tsunoda made regarding allowing gamers to play "wherever they want, on whatever device they choose, and making that easy,"  by at least integrating some cross-play gaming features into Windows 10. That may very well be a reference to streaming from the Xbox One, which is indeed decidedly easy to do.

Then again, Xbox One exclusivity could also be within increasingly blurry lines while the underlying OS essentially becomes just another variation of Windows 10. It is a PC at it's heart, and it's OS is even one that is familiar, so what does it now mean to have Xbox One exclusivity