“Razer is NOT a Gaming Company” Exclaims CEO Min-Liang Tan – Razer is a Company For Killer Mech Robots Too

Min-Liang Tan the CEO of the leading gaming giant, Razer, proclaimed at CES that "Razer is not a Gaming Company!" Needless to say it caused quite a lot of confusion. However clarifying his statement, Min-Liang stated that, "We're not a gaming company. We're a company for gamers, by gamers.". An initially confusing statement but we think we get the point Mr Min-Liang tried to make.

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Razer is NOT a Gaming Company, Razer is a company that designs products (Killer Mechs Included) for gamers.

So not a Gaming Company but a Company for Gaming, Glad we straightened that out! The press at CES was pretty surprised to say the least when the CEO of Razer told them its not a gaming company. However Mr Min-Liang Tan, released a statement on his Official Facbook Page clarifying the incident.

He Stated: " There's a subtle but very clear distinction there - and it's probably the biggest thing that separates us from all the other companies out there. ".

Furthermore, " So when the press asks me - what else is next on the horizon - they don't really need to ask that if they're gamers themselves because they will know.  What am I passionate about as a gamer? Electric performance cars, hypersonic jets, killer mech robots, the sky is the f****** limit....so don't be surprised if you see something like that at from Razer at CES 2030 and beyond, because we're not a gaming company.   We're a company for gamers, by gamers."

So basically what he was trying to say is that Razer is not a gaming company because the scope of a normal gaming company is limited only to gaming products. A normal gaming company will never expand beyond gaming devices and peripherals but Razer will deliver any product that gamers need. Project Christine is another example of how Razer is not your usual gaming company.

Their recently revealed Nabu, which is basically a smart watch designed for gamers also hints at highly ambitious (and very admirable) goals.


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