AMD RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks Leaked – Full Specs & Hands-On Preview Surface

Gaming benchmarks for the AMD Radeon RX 480 have been leaked, in addition to a hands-on preview of the card and its full specs.  The benchmarks include GTA 5, The Witcher 3, DOOM, Overwatch & CS: GO. The launch of red team's latest $199 Radeon is quickly nearing and with it we're seeing a growing number of leaks. Today marks the biggest leaks to date. So let's get straight into the juicy bits!

AMD RX 480 Features 2304 GCN 4.0 Cores, 144 Texture Mapping Units And 32 Render Output Units

Up until today the only RX 480 specs that have been confirmed are the 256bit 8gbps GDDR5 memory subsystem and the 36 Compute Unit figure for the graphics engine. Thanks to the latest GPU-Z screenshot that's been leaked we now know all the rest of the specifications. Including the number of TMUs -- Texture Mapping Units -- as well as the number of ROPs -- Render Output Units -- inside Polaris 10 XT, the GPU powering the RX 480.


At its highest configuration Polaris 10 features 32 ROPs, the same number that we've seen in AMD's Tonga and Tahiti GPUs.  The number of TMUs on the other hand has grown comparatively from 128 to 144. As a result of the higher number of GCN cores & compute units inside Polaris 10 compared to Tonga & Tahiti. It has also been confirmed that the 8GB variant of the RX 480 features Samsung GDDR5 8Gbps memory chips. The same memory that we've seen in Nvidia's GTX 1070.


RX 480 Gaming Performance

Moving on to the leaked gaming benchmarks. In the five games that have been benchmarked, the RX 480 delivered performance that's very close to Nvidia's GP104. Let's take doom as an example. At maximum settings, including "Shadows Quality" & "Virtual Texturing Page Size" set to "nightmare" which is a notch above the Ultra preset, the RX 480 delivered ~100 FPS at 1920x1080. Which is faster than what the R9 390 delivers at even lower settings. You can check out the benchmarking footage of each of the five games that have been tested below.

RX 480 First Ever Hands-On Preview

Today we're very close to the end of the embargo on the RX 400 series. As more publications get ready to publish their reviews of the RX 480, 470 and 460 cards we're seeing more content surface to the web. As it happens, the first ever hands-on preview of the RX 480 has made its way online. And it details all key physical aspects of the graphics card.

The reference design RX 480 measures 9 inches and a bit long and features an Aluminum block heatsink with a copper base.  The cooling design adopts a blower style 75mm peripherally placed fan. Which works by exhausting  all of the generated heat out of the back of the card and directly outside of the case.

As standard the card features a matte black PCB so even without a backplate it will still look sharp inside any modern case. However worry not, as many AIBs including XFX & Sapphire are launching reference design RX 480 cards with backplates. In terms of I/O, the RX 480 features 3 DisplayPort connections and one HDMI connection as standard. The reference PCB also supports DVI-D functionality and some custom designs of the card will have DVI-D ports.

Over the past few days we've been seeing more and more leaks about the RX 480. Including performance benchmarks, overclockingnoise, power & thermal testing. So stay tuned as we bring you the latest. The RX 480 series will officially be available for purchase world-wide on the 29th of June.


For those of you who can't wait, the RX 480 is already available for pre-order in numerous retailers and e-tailers. has also started listing RX 480 graphics cards publicly as of today.

AMD RX 400 Series Specifications

Graphics Card NameAMD Radeon RX 480AMD Radeon RX 470AMD Radeon RX 460
Graphics CorePolaris 10 XTPolaris 10 ProPolaris 11
Process Node14nm FinFET14nm FinFET14nm FinFET
Boost Clock 1266Mhz1206Mhz1200Mhz
Peak Compute5.83 TFLOPs4.9 TFLOPs2.2 TFLOPs
Memory4/8 GB GDDR54/8 GB GDDR52/4 GB GDDR5
Memory Interface256-bit256-bit128-bit
Memory Speed8 GHz6.6 GHz7 GHz
Memory Bandwidth256 GB/s211 GB/s112 GB/s
MSRP$199 (4 GB)
$239 (8 GB)
$179 (4 GB)
$109 (2 GB)
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