Material Design Adorns Desktop Thanks to a Custom Linux OS

Google introduced the clean new design language this year naming it Material Design. The design ideology of Material Design was loved by many thanks to its clean and simple UI. If you too are one of those in love with Lollipop's Material Design, chances are you will soon be able to get the design for your desktop. Currently being developed by Michael Spencer, this upcoming Linux distribution is being called Quantum OS (previously Quartz OS).

Quantum OS brings Material Design to Desktop:

Quantum OS intends to bring the simple beauty of material design to your desktops and let's say it, it surely looks wonderful! Using the JavaScript based QML, this OS will be a compound of Linux and Material Design. The OS is definitely not near to the finish line and its source code including the desktop shell and QML framework for Material Design is made available through GitHub. We might have to wait quite a long; however, you can add in the process by helping Spencer and team by writing / drawing your suggestions on this Google+ page.

We plan to develop the desktop shell and applications primarily using Qt 5 and QML, which will allow us to build highly polished and dynamic user interfaces and will work well for implementing Material Design.

We plan to initially leverage an existing operating system, most likely Arch or Ubuntu. Arch is a strong possibility because of the simple packaging manager, lightweight base system, and the rolling release concept. Our goal is to base our work on the latest upstream versions available, with no patches or modifications, so our work will run on any base Linux distro that supports Wayland.

We also plan to support web apps and treat them as nicely as possible. This will probably involve a simple wrapper that allows web apps to have their own icon and window with no browser chrome.


It will indeed be interesting to see how this project pans out. Considering the love and approval that Material Design received post its launch, it will be a pleasure seeing the similar design on a Desktop OS. Folks at 9to5Google think that "the design language is most suitable for smartphones and tablets."

However, if Spencer's team and contributors focus on the layered simplicity of Material Design, the ideology can be made to suit the complex use of a Desktop too. In any case, you can find the link to official website below; if you feel intrigued by Quantum OS, you can keep yourself updated through the aforementioned Google+ page too. We will try to keep you updated about any major changes / releases.

Source: 9to5Google; website: Quartz

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