Quantum Break’s Soundtrack Now Available


Remedy Entertaiment's Quantum Break is due to release on April 5 for PC and Xbox One, but you can listen to its soundtrack right now: Microsoft released it on Soundcloud.

There are nine tracks with the following titles, for a total of 28:53.

  • Meeting An Old Friend
  • Suite For Time And Machines
  • Remote Warning
  • Dodging Bullets
  • You See Me In My Dreams
  • Beth
  • A Whisper
  • In The Machine
  • Splitting Time

Quantum Break's soundtrack was crafted by Finnish composer Petri Alanko, mainly known for his work on Alan Wake, Trials Fusion and the movie Imaginaerum. The live-action Quantum Break episodes feature a different soundtrack made by John Kaefer.

The game will apparently receive a patch to improve its graphics at some point this week. Stay tuned on Wccftech for everything regarding Quantum Break in these weeks leading up to its launch, scheduled for early next month.