Quantum Break PC Focusing Even More on IQ Than XB1 With Improved VFX, Shadows & Volumetic Lighting

Alessio Palumbo

Microsoft unleashed a barrage of news on gamers yesterday, when the embargo for the press event in San Francisco expired.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is out now for PC, even with all its issues; Killer Instinct Season 3 is coming to PC and Xbox One on March 29; Forza 6 Apex will launch this Spring on PC.

However, the crown jewel of Microsoft's games line-up is still Quantum Break, due on April 5 for PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One. During the event, GamerTag Radio was able to record an interview with Remedy's Production Director Miloš Jeřábek, who revealed the first details of Quantum Break's PC version.

Apparently, we can expect a strong focus on greater image quality and lots of graphics settings to tweak.

The Windows 10 version is trying to use all the power from the PC machines. It will focus on the image quality even more than Xbox One, we're implementing 4K resolution, 60FPS, we are working on really cool graphical settings that will bump up the VFX, the shadow quality and the quality of volumetric lighting.

Let's just hope that Microsoft manages to add SLI/CrossFire support to its Universal Windows App environment before the release of Quantum Break, otherwise running the game at 4K resolution/60FPS and maximum settings will remain just a pipe dream.

As for the game itself, Jeřábek explained the critical role played by the protagonist's time powers from a gameplay design standpoint.

When we started we wanted to change the gameplay a bit, to not become a shooter, and that's exactly why we came up with the time powers. The time powers are forcing players to be on the move instead of just hiding behind the cover and staying there. The enemies are flushing you out, they're always actively trying to take you out of the cover and you have to use the time powers to actually be able to defend. If you wouldn't use the time powers, you would get killed quite quickly.

If you're planning to purchase the game on Windows 10, don't forget the check the official system requirements first. Also, here's some brand new footage from Kinda Funny Games.

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