Quantum Break Devs Finally Get To Play The Game At Home, Head Of PR Surprised At Hard Difficulty

Francesco De Meo

Quantum Break, the new cinematic action game developed by Remedy Entertainment for Xbox One and PC, is getting closer and closer to its final release date. Even though the team has been able to enjoy the final product for some time, it's been revealed a few hours ago that they were only able to play Quantum Break at home recently. The team's PR head has recently shared his opinion on the game after being able to enjoy the game in an ideal setting.

Quantum Break

Remedy's Thomas Puha has confirmed a few hours ago that the team is now able to finally enjoy the game at home in a "real" setting, which gives them a whole different perspective on it.

This  has allowed Mr. Puha to enjoy the game as it's meant to be enjoyed. He has praised the game's rhythm and was also surprised at the game's Hard difficulty, which led him to struggle through the game's Act 4. This is definitely good news for those who want to be challenged by the game.

Ultimately, Thomas Puha thinks that the unique combination between gameplay and live action featured in Quantum Break works, and it's quite entertaining.

Yesterday, the settings for the PC version of Quantum Break have been revealed through some recently uploaded screenshots. According to the new screens, it will be possible to to tweak the game’s volumetric lighting, shadow resolution, shadow filtering, texture resolution, effects quality, and global illumination quality. As previously revealed, players will be able to play the game in 4K resolution if their machines are powerful enough.

Quantum Break launches on Xbox One and PC on April 5th. More on the game by Remedy will surely come in soon, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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