First Public Sign Of macOS 10.13 Revealed By Apple

Ali Salman
macOS 10.12.3

The final build of Apple's upcoming macOS 10.13 is still unknown until the WWDC 2017. However, a blogger Pike's Universum discovered the sign of Apple's first public sign of macSO 10.13. Lets dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Blogger Discovers First Public Sign Of macOS 10.13

Pike's Universum has specifically shared a a chunk of the App Store URL, also known as the Catalog URL for the upcoming macOS 10.13. The HTTPS link is secure and seems to be originating from Apple's servers. This means that the link discovered by the blogger is legitimate.

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The presence of the URL on the Mac App Store suggests that the company is working hard to finish the developer only preview of the successor to macOS Sierra. The full URL has been shared below:

At this point in time, we're not fully aware for what we're about to get in the forthcoming update. If we look at macOS 10.12, it was a pretty modest update considering Apple's standards. The operating system brought a bunch of minor improvements such as the Universal Clipboard, Desktop and Document sync, Auto Unlock, notification and keyboard improvements and much more. However, one of the highly anticipated feature part of the upgrade was Siri for Mac. Siri on a Mac is a neat addition and opens a new way to interact with most of the features.

In addition to this, subsequent updates to macOS Sierra brought additional features that did not quite make it to the initial release. One thing that the URL depicts is that we may potentially see macOS 10.13 at the WWDC 2017 instead of macOS 11. However, the name of the version can always be changed and has nothing to do with the features part of the upgrade.

However, at this point in time, we're not sure of the final results as to what will be part of the final product. In addition to this, macOS 10.12.4 is also in the works and includes the Night Shift mode for Mac. The Night Shift mode at this time is only available on iOS. We will probably hear more news on the matter, so be sure to stay tuned in with us.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the first sign of macOS 10.13 on the Mac App Store? Do you think the company should stick with the name macOS 10.13 or streamline it with iOS 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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