PSA: Don’t Buy a Mac This Week, Wait For Apple’s Announcement First

Uzair Ghani

Apple is holding a Mac event on October 27 and that directly entails to one thing - don't buy a Mac this week, at least.

The Mac Lineup is Due for an Upgrade This Week - Wait for a While Before You Spend Your Money

Apple is set to announce Mac hardware on the 27th of October, which happens to be this week. This means buying a Mac today, or in the coming few days is the worst thing one can do. Why is that so? We will lay down a few reasons below.

New Mac Models Incoming

Reports are suggesting Apple is set to refresh its entire Mac lineup with the introduction of new hardware. Some outlets are even reporting that only the MacBook lineup will see an upgrade at the event. Whatever the case might be, new models are on their way, and it would be wise to hold back from buying a Mac for a few days.

New hardware is obviously going to be faster and more powerful than what is currently available in the market. Design upgrades are obviously going to be there since it's been many years the Mac got a physical overhaul.

Even if the model you're planning to buy doesn't get an upgrade, then it's best to let the dust settle first then go ahead with the purchase.

Price Changes (or Drops)

There are a few things to be expected once Apple announces its new Mac hardware. Firstly, the new Mac hardware might be slightly expensive and will be sold alongside slightly lower priced current-generation Macs. Secondly, there is a possibility Apple might axe the current lineup and replace it with the new one at the same price point. Last but not the least, the Cupertino giant might drop the price and introduce new Macs as well. Whatever the case might be, and depending what you are looking to buy, there is a chance you might end up saving money.

More Refurbished Options

If you were hoping to buy a refurbished Mac from Apple, then you might want to hold back for a bit. As soon as new Macs are made available, there is a chance older models will see a drastic price drop that carry a refurbished tag on them. But that's not all, since Apple will be clearing out its inventory at a rapid pace, you might actually end up seeing more refurbished options too.

Wrap Up

The bottom line is simple here - do not buy a Mac this week, until or unless you really have to. New Mac hardware is going to be announced this week with pricing and availability alongside. It's worth the wait and there's a high chance you'll get a bargain in return for those extra days of holding back.

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