PlayStation 5 Website Gets an Update, Hinting New Information May be Coming Soon

Nathan Birch
PS5 DualSense Metro

Fans are ravenous for any sort of new PlayStation 5 information, but Sony is keeping us on a strict diet of bread and water. A dry PowerPoint about the PS5’s architecture and an out-of-nowhere reveal of the system’s DualSense controller is all we’ve got so far, but, thankfully, Sony may have dropped a new scrap. The official PS5 website, which last updated when Mark Cerny hosted his “Road to PS5” technical talk, has updated again. Here’s what was added…

Lightning speed

Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation console can do.

Stunning games

Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.

Breathtaking immersion

Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D Audio technology.

So, nothing groundbreaking in terms of new information, but many are taking the update as a sign that Sony is finally preparing to give us some new PS5 details. We know there will be a new State of Play episode focused on The Last of Us Part II tomorrow, and according to rumors from reliable sources, Sony is preparing two big PS5 events – one in early June (possibly on June 4) and another in August. If it happens, it’s expected the June event will include our first real look at the PS5.

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Of course, take this all with a grain of salt for now. The PS5 website updating doesn’t mean much on its own, but taking the wider context into account, it feels like one more piece of a puzzle that finally seems to be coming together. If we do get a big PS5 reveal event soon, here’s what I think it needs to deliver.

What do you think? Is that big PS5 event imminent? What do you expect to see when they finally unveil the console and its games?

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