PS5 Pro Controller with Removable Sticks, Rear Paddles, and More Reportedly Coming Soon

PS5 Pro Controller DualSense

One of the main things that’s really separated the PlayStation 5 from the next-gen competition is the system’s DualSense controller. Sony’s gamepad is a premium piece of hardware, featuring things like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that you just can’t get from the company’s competitors. Well, according to a new report from prolific leaker Tom Henderson, Sony is planning to push things even further with a “PS5 Pro Controller” they plan to unveil soon.

Per Henderson, this new PS5 controller will offer an array of features you usually only see included in premium third-party controllers. These features include removable analog sticks, trigger stops that will allow for quicker inputs, and rear paddle-style buttons. The controller’s internal software will also likely be upgraded. Henderson claims to have seen a promotional image of the new gamepad and the overall form-factor of the PS5 Pro Controller is said to be similar to the DualSense, although it will feature upgraded removable grips. Overall, it sounds like Sony is focusing on customization, with many of the controller’s new features being removable/swappable.

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As always, take all this with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement, but it would make sense for Sony to push their advantage when it comes to controller tech. It’s almost certain Xbox has a new Elite controller of their own in the works, after all. There are mounting rumors Sony may be planning an event for later this month, which will likely be primarily focused on God of War Ragnarok, but it might be a good opportunity to show off a new controller as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in a PS5 Pro Controller? I have to admit, some of the rumored new features sound pretty appealing, although the price tag will be a big determining factor. The basic DualSense is expensive enough as is.

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