PS4’s Deep Down Revealed Gameplay Doesnt Quite Match upto the Original Trailer – Comparison

Usman Pirzada

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down literally blew the hats off people when its first Gameplay debuted. Showing graphics that even experts mistook for CGI Deep Down achieved wide acclaim for the same. Not only did it add weight to the Next Gen claim but it was a Selling Point for Sony. However now with the Multiplayer Demo out we feel that the revealed Gameplay doesn't quite match up to the original Gameplay.

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Original Gameplay Vs Revealed Gameplay Comparison - Sony Whats Up?

We will start with the Original Trailer Gameplay:
PS4 Exclusive Deep DownNotice how photo-realistically the entire scene is set. You can almost not tell that this isn't a real cave. Also notice how perfect the lighting is. Not over saturated or under. Just Perfect.

Original Deep Down (2)This example shows off how perfectly fire-like the fire is. The Particles are absolutely wow too.

Original Deep Down (3)Just one word: Wow. That dragon looks absolutely amazing. Bloom is perfect and it looks almost CGI.

PS4 Exclusive Deep DownDecent polygon count as can be seen from the almost perfectly curved sections of the armor and helmet. All in all a pretty solid job.

Now lets look at the Revealed Gameplay, the recently revealed multiplayer gameplay is included.

Now the problem we seem to have with the revealed Gameplay is that though it is quite amazing, stunning even, it doesn't quite match up to the original reveal.

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down
Remember how how the original gameplay looked nearly cgi? well maybe its just us but this doesn't look like the original quality to us. Revealed Gameplay Deep Down (2)This example is the closest to the Original Gameplay Quality in our Opinion mostly because the Lighting is very well done. Still even though its close its not there yet.  PS4 Exclusive Deep Down This on the other hand looks quite far off from the epic quality we witnessed in the trailer. It shows your average Volumetric Light with some decent shadows.Revealed Gameplay Deep Down (4)Here we see how subtly different the Fire dynamic is from the original. Yes we can see the angle is different but the fire appears to have less accurate behavior now, but then again maybe that's just us.

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Concluding Thoughts

If we are right in thinking that the revealed Gameplay is not as good as the original than that means there is something different. Quite a few explanations come to mind, the most reasonable one is that Sony axed the game process a bit. A few tweaks here and there and general optimization to lower the graphical load on the console. There are of course other explanations, one of them being that Deep Down trailer was running on PS4 Dev Kit on PC Hardware - though that's probably not true.


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