PS4 Pro Sells 65,194 Units In Its First 4 Days In Japan

Aernout van de Velde
PS4 Pro Crytek

Sony’s PS4 Pro sold 65,194 consoles in Japan in its first 4 days following its release on November 10.

According to Japanese website Famitsu, total PS4 sales in Japan last week were 93,512 units and 65,194 of those were PS4 Pro consoles.

To date, Sony’s PS4 has now sold 3,445,990 consoles in Japan (based off Famitsu's number for PS4 LTD).

In contrast, Sony’s recent toned down PS4, the PS4 Slim, sold 96,000 units within its first week, although it costs substantially less than the Pro.

Overall, its quite a decent result for a mid-gen hardware revision. Even more so considering that 4K capable televisions aren’t widespread yet.

The PS4 Pro is available now for $399.

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