ProximityLock Lets You Lock Your iPhone Using Proximity Sensor


If you're lucky enough to possess a jailbreak status, there are quite a handful of tweaks at your disposal. However, one jailbreak tweak caught our eye that allows users to lock their iPhone using nothing but the proximity sensor in the device. You can either wave your hand over the sensor or put a finger over it to lock your device. ProximityLock is a unique jailbreak tweak and it is free to download. Let's see some more details on the ProximityLock jailbreak tweak.

Jailbreak Tweak ProximityLock Lets Users Lock And Unlock Their iPhone Using The Proximity Sensor

Feigning interest in such an outbound concept is something we are already familiar with. FaceOff 7 is another jailbreak tweak that delivers more or less the same functionality. However, it was not available for free and you had to shed some bucks to acquire it.

Furthermore, installing ProximityLock is a breeze, you simply install the tweak and enable it through the preference pane in the Settings app. Once the tweak is activated successfully, wave your hand over the proximity sensor or put a finger over it to lock your iPhone. Once your iPhone is locked, you can unlock it via the set passcode or Touch ID.

One great aspect about ProximityLock is that it works best for those who simply wants their iPhone to be locked once it is holstered in the pocket. Other than this, if your jailbroken iPhone has a nonfunctional power button, ProximityLock will simply bypass this operation. So it's definitely a nice jailbreak tweak to own.


To be honest, locking and unlocking your iPhone by just putting and taking it out of your pocket might be the most applicable framework. The procedure removes any kind of labor involved in locking or unlocking your iPhone. However, there could be a sense of paranoia involved as users can never be too sure if the device is actually locked or not. Other than this, there are situations when you accidentally put your finger on the proximity sensor, causing the iPhone to be locked unwillingly. If you can live with these minor mishaps, the tweak is definitely for you.

ProximityLock is available for free from Cydia's BigBoss repository. So if you're interested, download the jailbreak tweak on your iPhone right away. ProximityLock is definitely worth giving a shot on your iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on ProximityLock? Are you guys willing to give this jailbreak tweak a whirl? Share your thoughts in the comments.