Protect Yourself From Malware With Amazing Discounts On The Heimdal PRO Anti-Malware – Limited Time Offer


Very often an anti-virus is not enough to protect your computer from malware. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Lifetime Subscriptions of Heimdal PRO Anti-malware. The PRO has the ability to spot any malware that the anti-virus missed. It works as a silent protector in the background and filters out all the incoming and outgoing internet traffic and blocks malware communication. You can continue your work without becoming a victim. Your computer will be shielded at all times from 2nd generation malware like Trojans and ransomware.

Heimdal PRO Anti-malware features

You will be able to protect yourself from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks is probably something that is becoming a very common headline in the news nowadays. It is very important that you defend yourself and your family from such attacks and the Heimdal PRO Anti-malware is the best solution. You can get the subscriptions for 1 PC or 4 PCs depending on your need. Here are highlights of what the deal has in store for you:

  •  Blocks attacks that an antivirus can’t stop
  • Scans & filters all your internet traffic (HTTP, HTTPS, DNS)
  •  Blocks threats before they penetrate your system
  •  Stops ransomware, email malware distribution, malicious redirects, DNS hijacking, & more
  •  Updates vulnerable software w/o interrupting your work
  •  Prevents attackers from harvesting your confidential information, such as passwords & credit card details
  •  Provides actionable details about your PC's security status

System Requirements

  •  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (Heimdal will download & install this if not already installed)
  •  25 MB disk space
  •  Local administrator rights during installation
  •  User rights during execution
  •  Internet required

Important Details

  •  Length of access: lifetime (100 years)
  • Restrictions: for use on 1 PC/ 4 PCs (depending on subscription)
  •  Updates included

The discounts are available for only a limited time period so you better hurry up before they expire!

Original Price Heimdal PRO Anti-malware:
1 PC: $279.9 I 4 PCs: $446.6
Wccftech Discount Price Heimdal PRO Anti-malware:
1 PC: $24.99 I 4 PCs: $44.99