Project Scorpio & PS4 Pro Are Less Popular Than The Nintendo Switch, Study Shows

Aernout van de Velde
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The Nintendo Switch is more appealing to those looking to purchase one of the new consoles than Sony’s PS4 Pro or Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio.

At least, that’s what a recent U.S. survey conducted in the U.S. among more than 2000 participants shows. The Nielsen Games 360 Report reveals that among those aged over 13, most would buy Nintendo’s new Switch platform, followed up by the recently released PS4 Pro. Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio console appears to be the least popular console for those looking to purchase one of the mid-gen console refreshments.

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Interestingly, this trend among gamers aged 13 and above, also held with members of the general population. 9 percent of the general population appears to be interested in purchasing Microsoft’s Scorpio console, while 11 percent would purchase the PS4 Pro. The Switch takes the top spot among the general population with 12 percent interested in Nintendo's latest platform.

Prior to the launch of Nintendo Switch in March, the general population was just as aware of the console as the PlayStation 4 Pro, which launched in November 2016. Microsoft’s new Xbox project, Scorpio, has yet to be released, hence the lower current awareness figures. There is much speculation around the console: the latest details released suggest a focus on 4K optics, 12 GB of memory and greater processing power”, a paragraph about platform preferences in the report reads.

The study does make a distinction between the standard PS4/XO consoles, and its upgraded brothers – the PS4 Pro and the upcoming Project Scorpio. Sony’s standard PS4 is the most recognized console in the U.S. and more participants would buy Sony’s console, followed closely by Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Nintendo’s Switch takes the third spot among these consoles.


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