Project Contingency aka “Halo 5 for PC” Preview

Project Contingency has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight. After a few of its images passed for 'leaked' screenshots of Halo 5, it turned quite a lot of heads. Simply put, Project Contingency is a fan made game, and one of the more ambitious projects i have seen, the project to bring Halo to PC.

HALO 5 PC Project Contingency

Here's Why Project Contingency Deserves its Nickname as Halo 5 for PC and an Easy 10/10

The origin of the nickname comes from multiple gaming forums who learned of the existence of Project Contingency after the leaked screenshots were confirmed as fake. Needles to say they were understandably impressed by the quality of the game. Even more importantly it could fill the void that PC Halo-Fans (yes they exist, myself included) have felt since Halo 2. From what i can see, and from what is given on the main page of project contingency, the fan made game exists on an exception in Microsoft's policy.


It uses the assets from the Halo games and it converts them into a brilliant fan made design. The game itself is extremely polished. Which goes without saying seeing it passed as Halo  5. Halo hasn't really come to the PC platform in a long time. And the Halo 2 Port was badly polished to say the least. Project Contingency , simply put:

  1. Is polished enough that it passed for Halo 5.
  2. Is the only Halo 5 PC we are going to get.
  3. Has an early game play footage that looks simply amazing (yes i am referring to the "leaked" halo 5 screens, the amount of work put into it is simply mind boggling.

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this game. My worst nightmare is that all this popularity will lead to Microsoft handing out a Cease and Desist to these guys. In that case, hypothetically speaking, the latest game build could always 'leak out' before they close shop. Just saying.


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