Prisma Photo Filter App Is Finally Available On Android


A few weeks back, iOS users went crazy over a new photo filter app called Prisma. At the time, it wasn't available on Android which was quite annoying for users who were into applying filters. However, the wait is over for Android users as the app is now officially available on the Google Play Store. Before the official roll out, the app was available as beta for Android users. Now that it's out, it's as popular as ever with its unique photo filters.

Prisma Makes Use Of Artificial Intelligence And Neural Networks To Transform Your Photos Into Something New

Prisma is a photo filter app, but what makes it stand out compared to other filter apps on the market? Prisma simply applies a layer of artistic filters to the photo that makes it stand out of the ordinary. Once you're done with applying the filter, you can easily share your filtered photo on Facebook, Instagram and more with ease. If you have been following Prisma on Android, you can download it right away from the Google Play Store.


Prisma provides abundant photo filters to play with. The extensively detailed and dramatic filters turn photos into an interesting piece of art, as if you have your very own pocket painter. This aspect is what makes the app outstanding and different. If you think you're good with your Instagram filters, think again. Prisma is a lot different than standard photo filter apps available on both iOS and Android. It's really hard to realize that the final image is created from a set of digital codes and not by hand.

A few photo filters are also named after the artists whose designs were inspired and adopted in the photo filter app. Some of the filters are inspired from artists like Picasso, Munk and many others. The app also conjoins infamous ornaments and patterns found around the world with your photos to give them a new direction.


Prisma is sleek and simple on the outside with minimalist controls and easy to do operations. However, the complexity of operations is what we find on the inside. The app uses a series of artificial intelligence and neural networks to transform your photos into something entirely new. You can also adjust filter strength according to your need. If you're interested the app is available on devices running Android 4.1 and up.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on this unique photo filter app? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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