Prisma For iOS Now Works Offline For Some Filters – Android Later, As Usual


Prisma for iOS version 2.4 has been released. What's the highlighting feature of today's release? Offline support for filters.

Prisma For iOS Now Works Offline For Some Filters - Android Users Will Get The Update Later

If there's one app that has managed to take the world of photo filters by storm, nothing else fits the bill better than Prisma. It works its magic by uploading the image to Prisma's servers and then utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to apply some pretty insane filters. In other words - it turns your somewhat boring photo into a work of art.

Now, since the app is 'uploading the image' to Prisma's servers, therefore you need an active Internet connection for it to work all the time. Some people don't have that luxury on the go, and are forced to not look at Prisma during the time they are away from the Internet. But, you'll be pleased to learn that things are taking a drastic turn today, as Prisma now works offline for certain filters.

The complete changelog of the update for iOS users is as follows:

Prisma is now Offline!

The majority of Prisma styles will no longer need an Internet connection.

Introducing charity styles!

'Philanthropic' styles are now available to Prisma users who can choose to not only have "a love" filter that is probably the most beautiful, but also to donate $1 to an Elbi charity. Make your content meaningful and let's make the world a better place together <3

iOS users can flock to the App Store right now and grab the latest update from there. It's absolutely free and will take a few seconds to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

As far as Android users are concerned, they have to wait a while for the update to arrive. Nonetheless, they'll get it, but not right now. Sorry, folks. We'll keep you updated whenever the update drops.

If you haven't installed Prisma on your iOS or Android device already, then tap on the links below to get up to speed.

Wrap Up

There are a ton of photo filter apps out there but nothing comes close to the uniqueness of Prisma. Not even Instagram. Why? Because Prisma focuses more on transforming your photos into a work of art rather than slapping in the old-school style vignette and calling it a day.

It would be interesting to see if someone can dethrone Prisma from its high position and bring something extremely unique to the table.

Guess we just have to find out by playing the waiting game.