Prey for the Gods To Last 4-8 Hours; Main Character Will Be Silent With Minimal UI for Max Immersion


The Kickstarter campaign of indie game Prey for the Gods is going very well. With 25 days still left, the minimum goal of $300K has been completed for the 56%.

As more and more backers added their pledges, the development team (No Matter Studios) divulged more details about the action survival game. For instance, they talked about the length of Prey for the Gods.

We're looking to have the game be approx 4-8 hours in duration for the 5 bosses. Realize with non-linear survival mechanics and dynamic weather the game play will very dramatically for each player. If the three additional boss goals are reached the game would be even longer.

The developers also intend to deliver the maximum amount of immersion possible, so the main character will be mostly silent and the UI will be minimal.

We intend for the game to be as universal as possible. So language will not be a barrier to play. The character will be silent for the most part. We want players to feel immersed and with very minimal UI. So really an options window, and a start screen will be about it.

In subsequent comments, it was also clarified that the game will be "survival light".

I prefer to call what we have "survival light" in that you aren't babysitting thirst and crap like that. You aren't finding 200 twigs to boost up your weaving skill so you can make a hat.
It's much more direct and I find makes you far more immersed in the world.

Having played DayZ I find our survival to be less aggressive. With outfits you'll be able to build yourself up to the resistances as well. As I've said in the past, like original Legend of Zelda you can choose to start with the green tunic. Or explore and find the blue ring or red ring. It's really up to you.
Pulling arrows out of fallen heroes is awesome too.

Snow will impact gameplay in very specific ways, detailed below.

Snow is a game play mechanic. It typically effects the speed and stamina of the player. The deeper the snow the slower you move, the faster you burn through stamina, and colder you get. If you are trying to run from a giant you can get caught in a drift. (this is actually fun and hilarious to watch a player get caught in a snow drift as they become totally terrified and usually scream out) It can act as natural mini-map as it shows you where you've been but beware over time your trail can fill with snow and disappear leaving you lost. We'll be adding ice so you can slip, etc.

Prey for the Gods is currently targeting a launch on PC (via Steam) in Holiday 2017. Console versions for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One would release later if the Kickstarter campaign gets to $600K.