[Press Release] “Dream Girls” to be the 2011 Kingston Brand Spokespersons

Sabeeh Qureshi

Kingston, as it seems, are changing the way they market their products. As stated by their latest press release, the ever popular 'Dream Girls' will be the memory giant's brand spokepersons for the year 2011. May be the company is trying to change it's products by 'seducing' people to buy from them. Who knows? But the change is most welcomed in the ever so changing hardware enthusiast community! Can't wait to see them in their product marketing schemes! 😀

Hsinchu, Taiwan -- March 23, 2011 All of us might have dreams since childhood and most of time we can not make it to go after our dreams, due to the lack of courage and determination. To encourage everyone to pursue dreams, Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced that Dream Girls will be the 2011 Kingston brand spokespersons in APAC region. Partnering with Kingston, in 2011 Dorian International Entertainment Corporation presents “Dream Girls,” the new girl group in the limelight. The three dream girls, Tia Li, Puff Kuo, and Emily Song, have been worked hard for realizing their dreams since childhood. How they have done and achieved shows the Kingston spirits, such as being determined to pursue dreams and never giving up. Kingston considers Dream Girls the best brand spokesperson for 2011 to show the “Only Kingston Can” corporate spirits. A series of “Dream Girls” special edition products will be launched at the 2nd quarter of 2011. It is expected to inspire more dream holders to persist in going after their dreams as well as making their dreams come true!

Listed by Fortune Magazine as "100 Best Companies to Work For" for five consecutive years, Kingston was founded by two dreamers, John Tu and David Sun. They persisted in their beliefs even when bankruptcy, and eventually led the enterprise to be the world’s largest independent memory module manufacturer. Many people are impressed by this successful legend as well as by the Kingston’s image, “Only Kingston Can”.

In 2011, “Kingston + Dream Girls” delivers the below messages:
Pursuing dreams and then realizing dreams;

Don’t wait, just go for your dreams;

Bravely, confidently, passionately;

For those who have dreams;

Only Kingston Can!

“Dream Girls” special edition products include “Dream Girls” Limited-Edition Album Version USB Flash drives, customized SD cards, USB drives, memory cards, and etc. It’s time to go after your dreams with Kingston and Dream Girls now!

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