Premium iOS Apps Have Gone Free this Weekend – Download them All


It's the weekend, and we bring to our readers a great selection of premium iOS apps that have gone free for a limited period of time.

Running Short of iOS Apps to Try on you iPhone or iPad? Give Some New Ones a Shot, that too Absolutely Free!

There is a great selection of iOS apps that have gone free this weekend, and I suggest giving all of them a try. Most of them carry a premium price tag on a regular day, but you can download them without spending a penny for a limited time. So pick up your iPhone or iPad and get started.

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Blocs Wave - Regular price $2.99

Blocs Wave is a fun and beautifully designed music app for making and recording new music quickly. For songwriters and electronic music makers alike, it is an on-the-move powerful portable music studio.

Download Blocs Wave for iOS

Lily - Regular price $1.99

Create music with Lily, a playful musical experience for people of all ages and musical abilities.

Compose a looping melody with each lily and build up interesting harmonies and melodic patterns.

Explore polyrhythm by composing looping melodies of different lengths and tempo to create complex musical patterns.

Save your compositions and switch seamlessly between them to chain multiple patterns together.

Download Lily for iOS

Art Class with Dr. Panda - Regular price $2.99

In Dr. Panda’s Art Class, there’s always something fun to make! Make your own kites and pinwheels and play with them when you’re done. Start spinning that clay, and make a pot, vase, cup or whatever you can imagine. You can even use fruit and create your own little friends, exactly as you want!

Download Art Class with Dr. Panda for iOS

AnyRate Pro - Regular price $4.99

A minimalist design yet powerful currency app.

Download AnyRate Pro for iOS

ToonCamera - Regular price $1.99

ToonCamera is an amazing video and photography app that turns your world into a live cartoon. Apply real-time cartoon and art effects to your camera feed, record video, snap photos, and convert existing video and photos from your albums to create instant works of art. Save your creations and share them with friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube, all from within ToonCamera.

Download ToonCamera for iOS

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Ubongo - Regular prie $2.99

Fast-paced, addictive, and easy to learn – this puzzle game will challenge your brain!

Sprint to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more jewels you will get.

Improve your visual thinking in 3 different single-player modes. Race against other players online and play against friends and Ubongo fans worldwide!

Download Ubongo for iOS

LifeTopix - Regular price $19.99

LifeTopix is an extraordinary all-in-one organizer. Stop wasting time with information scattered everywhere - organize and track everything in one place. Manage your calendar, projects and tasks, contacts, digital content, finances, inboxes and all related information in a single app.

Download LifeTopix for iOS