[P.R.] Intel gives a new touch to technology

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Mar 12, 2014
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Intel gives a New Touch to Technology

90% of respondents in a recent survey said they’d prefer a touch-enabled device

PAKISTAN, Lahore, March 11, 2014 – Intel Pakistan put a different spin on technology as it hosted an informative and entertaining seminar in on Touch and Mobile Technology as both a stylish accessory and an essential connectivity tool for modern men and women.

 Touch is becoming a standard feature across the board now in devices such as mobiles and tablets. A wide array of devices such as 2-in-1s, Ultrabooks and other notebooks feature touch as well on latest Intel processors. This highlights the importance of creating awareness and knowledge about how to optimize on this technology so that users can enhance their experiences and life-styles accordingly.

The seminar focused on useful information on using and carrying touch devices on a day to day basis whether for work or for personal tasks. Along with fun aspects and useful tips, the seminar undertook discussing the benefits of using touch enabled devices in the workplace; 90% of respondents in a recent survey of Intel employees said they’d prefer a touch-enabled device, while many workers are choosing tablets or Ultrabooks with touch, as their companies adopt BYOD (Bring your own Device) policies.

 Key features of the state of the art technology such as its speed, weight and design, combines practicality and style to complement perfectly with your everyday life. They are not just innovative, beautiful and intelligent; they offer performance levels of a full laptop, keeping you connected while on the go without weighing you down. Ultrabooks in particular are less than 0.8 inches thick, weigh barely one kilogram and will fit perfectly in your handbag while still having space for all your other necessities

 Touch technology means users can interact with devices in a more natural manner, but there is a need to build awareness as to how it affects work scenarios – including the way we behave and share information. Intel believes that touch-enabled devices will significantly improve both employee productivity and enterprise efficiency along with enhancing the user experience in the personal sphere.

 “This is a good opportunity for us to integrate lifestyle with technology and narrow the distinction between a tech-savvy and an everyday technology user in Pakistan. At Intel, we are not producing technology for the sake of it. We want to deliver deeper experiences, in touch with the social and emotional needs of our consumers in their homes, tailoring solutions to variable local needs around the world. The way the technology landscape has evolved, various devices like PCs, tablets, phones are now indispensable and quickly becoming an extension of an individual. We want to ensure that whatever gadget our users choose, it enhances their sense of self. With Intel Inside, you can definitely get more out of your devices, helping you to do what you love to do.” said Asma Aziz, PR and Marketing Manager, Intel Pakistan.