[P.R.] Intel to spread awareness of the importance of PC in every household

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Mar 12, 2014
Press Release

Intel to spread awareness of the importance of PC in every household

Driving domestic adoption of technology across the country

 PAKISTAN, Lahore, March 12, 2014 – Intel Pakistan has embarked on a nationwide initiative  to increase awareness of personal computing devices and drive domestic adoption of technology in Pakistan by targeting consumers with the message of how a PC can change their life.

 This campaign will reach out to consumers in a targeted manner across Pakistan through awareness sessions. In addition to this, through its on-ground activities and retail marketing programs, Intel will continue to educate consumers on why a PC is a transformational device.

 The main premise of this campaign is that in today’s day and age, users want more than just a personal computer.  Today personal computing devices are an extension of the users themselves with the internet and compelling content being the center point of the user’s experience. Intel’s strength lies in its ability to mobilize the IT ecosystem.

 “Intel holds a firm belief in the transformative capability of technology which is indispensible in ending the digital divide in Pakistan and driving personal growth, be it in developing job skills or providing easy access to quality education, healthcare and critical government services. Our efforts through this campaign are one step in this direction.” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan.

 “Intel appreciates the ways in which technology can help accentuate the quality of life for a user by enhancing an individual’s skills and employability, foster growth and nurture creativity; essentially catalyzing a nationwide change. In our quest to bring about nationwide awareness for digital literacy, we will urge consumers to pursue their passions and creativity with an Intel processor powered computer.” concluded Naveed Siraj.