Pokémon Go Android APK Code Suggests The Game Is Coming To Android Wear


Pokémon GO is a huge hit, breaking records around the globe. Recently at Apple's big iPhone 7 event, we came to know that the Pokémon GO frenzy is about to come to the Apple Watch. This amplified our interest to know whether it's coming to Android Wear sometime in the near future. Seemingly, pokemongohub has some interesting details that suggests the the platform is coming to Android Wear. Let's see some more details on the subject.

Pokémon GO APK Code Suggests The Platform Is Coming To Android Wear

Pokemongohub has managed to data mine and de-compile the most recent build of of Pokémon Go version 0.37.0. Tools like dex2jar and jd-gui were used to decode and inspect the code. The Pokémon GO APK file contains a new pokemongoplus project that refers to the arrival of Pokémon GO on Android Wear. There were other references discovered in the code as well, so do check it out.

Moreover, Android Wear will use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Just like other apps, the app will run on Android Wear without the need to keep your Android smartphone active while playing. Other than this, there are a variety of wearable which will be supported. The code scans the characteristics of the watch and adapts to those changes accordingly. The code also depicts that the version 1.0 of GO Plus  is ready to be released.

Pokemon GO

Another important aspect discovered in the code is the encryption of Bluetooth communication between the Android Wear and its host smartphone. It can be seen that Niantic Labs makes use of AES to encrypt the communication. The use of AES is considered to be safe from real time decryption and it's easy to implement. So it's definitely good to see that the data is secure.

It's definitely a welcome change for Pokémon GO players who want to play the game on a wearable. Even though Pokémon GO catered a huge amount of users, it is observed that the platform has seen a fairly significant decline in the number of players. Nonetheless, it is possible that the company will be able to retain a lot of them if its support for Android Wear arrives.

However, there's no specific time decided for when the update will be available for Android users with Android Wear support. Nonetheless, we will surely keep you guys posted as more details are heard.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Pokémon GO support for Android Wear? Would you be willing to give it a go? Let us know in the comments.