Plum-O-Meter Allows iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch To Weight Objects – Video


The shiny new iPhone 6s came packed with a 3D Touch display that brags several actions and shortcuts on iOS 9. However, this new innovative display technology is yet to be explored, considering what utility can be derived from the force sensing panel.

Simon Gladman, a FlexMonkey developer played around with the 3D Touch and came up with an exceptional app that allows users to measure and compare weights of several items. The developer has used 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s in an app that measures the amount of pressure applied to the display of objects. The results recorded by the developer show serious precision and accuracy.

Let's see some more details of the weight measuring app called Plum-O-Meter and what are the mechanics involved behind its operation.

Plum-O-Meter Measures the Amount Of Pressure Applied On The Display

The pressure sensitive display is not at all Apple's first move in the market. Huawei's Mate S was showcased not so long before the announcement of the 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. Huawei showed it's Mate S' capabilities of measuring the weight of an Orange at the IFA event, held in late August. However, there are a lot of internal differences between the Mate S' Force touch display and iPhone 6s' 3D Touch panel. For more details, check out the developer's video below.

Moving on, Simon Gladman's Plum-O-Meter can be used to measure lighter objects, for instance plums according to the developer. The end result, 'value displayed is actually the normalised force as a percentage'. The percentage changes as different types of objects are placed on the screen. Even if the 3D Touch display has a small form factor, it measures with precision and accuracy that according to the developer can replace your 'electronic scales'.

Although the developer has come up with a wonderful idea which has been implemented beautifully. However, the most regretting part of this is the availability of the apps. For now, Plum-O-Meter works on jailbroken iPhones with 3D Touch technology because it uses some private APIs. Moreover, the app is also unavailable through Cydia, but the developer has shared the source code of Plum-O-Meter on GitHub. Henceforth, if you guys have some technical know-how about the operation, you can assemble the app by yourself.

This is it for now, folks. How did you guys like the Plum-O-Meter app for the iPhone 6s? How will it stack up against the Huawei Mate S? Let us know in the comments.