PlayStation Vue App for Apple TV 4 Released – A Great Gift for Cord Cutters


Sony has officially released PlayStation Vue app for Apple TV 4 users. Cord cutting fans can download it right away.

PlayStation Vue Brings its Live Programming Prowess to Apple TV 4 Users

We are slowly and gradually moving into the era where having a dedicated cable connection at home is redundant. Many users around the world are moving their entertainment to the cloud in order to consume content such as movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. Just bag yourself a subscription which offers you the live channels and content you need, and a user is good to go from here on in. Sony understands this very well and therefore has released the PlayStation Vue app for Apple TV 4 users, bringing live content to Cupertino's set top box on the fly.

Starting today, PlayStation Vue will be supported on Apple TV (4th generation), leveraging Apple TV’s latest hardware to create an innovative experience. You will be able to take advantage of Apple TV’s Siri Remote and easy navigation with touch, while enjoying PlayStation Vue’s sleek look and feel. PlayStation Vue brings popular programming to Apple TV, from live sports networks like ESPN and NFL Network, to premium channels like AMC, FX, HBO, and Showtime.

If you have been using PlayStation Vue on your PlayStation 4 console, you'll be pleased to learn you can link that account with your Apple TV and carry on consuming content. Furthermore, if you are a brand new Vue user, you can subscribe to the service with plans starting from $29.99 and $39.99 in select cities. Sony offers a free trial for the service as well. So, before you part with your money, you can give the service a shot and see for yourself whether or not it fulfills your needs in every possible way.

If you already have an existing PlayStation Vue account, you can link your subscription to Apple TV and start streaming right away. If you’re new to PlayStation Vue, you can sign up for one of several plan options through the PlayStation Vue website and link your account to Apple TV, without the need of a PlayStation console. Plans start at $29.99, or $39.99 in select cities*, so head over to our website and enter your zip code to see the plans available in your area.

Signing up is easy, but make sure your city is supported by Vue otherwise there's no point in subscribing to the service. Simply head over to this link for more details.

You can download the PlayStation Vue app directly from the App Store on your Apple TV 4. It's absolutely free to download, but you will require a subscription in order to use it further.

Wrap Up

Bringing Vue to the Apple TV 4 is a smart move from Sony. Rather than targeting the service mainly at PlayStation 4 users, non-console fans can join in on the action as well.

Given the sort of entertainment Vue packs for subscribers, we're certain many users will fall in love with the service once they get the hang of it.