PlayStation VR Headset & Camera Available for $399 USD, PS VR Worlds Bundle at $449 starting September 1

Rajesh Vishwakarma

As part of its efforts to bring virtual reality to more people, Sony announced that some PlayStation VR bundles will be cheaper.

In an entry on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a new package that includes the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation Camera - which is needed to play - and a disc with demos in exchange for $399 USD. That is, it is a package that costs the same as the regular PlayStation VR, but it saves you the $60 USD you needed to invest to get the camera.

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On the other hand, the PlayStation VR Worlds package will be available in exchange for $449 USD; that is, $50 USD less than its original price. All who purchase this package will receive the headset, PlayStation Camera, 2 controllers of PlayStation Move, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds and a disc with demos.

According to the official announcement, both packages will be available in stores in the United States and Canada beginning September 1. Keep in mind that this virtual reality device will arrive in the South American region until October and for the moment have not confirmed if it will be available as part of these packages.

PlayStation VR arrived in October last year and has sold over 1 million units globally, making it estimated to be more successful than the competition.

Indeed, the executives of the company announced the above news in a recent interview with TIME. There, they pointed out that the virtual reality headset - which sells for $399 USD - has been sold out since its launch in October.

"We don't see it as a fad, it's a brand new medium, not only for gaming entertainment but non-gaming entertainment," said Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America.

This should not be a real surprise, since as of February 2017 it had already sold 915,000 units. In addition, reports from research firm SuperData point out that this headset has a higher sales pace than its main competition: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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