Developers Are “Not Allowed” To Charge For PlayStation 4 Pro Features Updates, Fees Are On The Developer


Earlier today, it's been reported that PlayStation 4 Pro patches for already released titles may not be free, according to what has been revealed in a recent Japanese interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment exec Masayasu Ito, who mentioned possible fees depending on the title. While it's not clear who will have to pay, it's likely that it won't be players, according to two indie developers who have worked on PlayStation 4 titles.

Shortly after the interview started making the rounds, Jacksinthe from AbsintheGames revealed some interesting details regarding patches on the NeoGAF forums, stating that developers are not allowed to charge players for patches or pro feature updates. The fees mentioned by Masayasu Ito are pretty much the same developers have to cover to release updates for any other game.

We are not allowed to charge you for patches or pro feature updates.

The "fees" include anything we have to swallow to update our past games for you.

The internet can calm down. There is nothing we can do to leverage pro features or patches with price. Nothing.

David Galindo from Vertigo Gaming, known as chubigans on the NeoGAF forums, also chimed in stating that patches can never be charged, and so cannot exclusive Pro content.

I's the most non news ever. Patches after launch can sometimes cost money (not fees but costs associated with making a patch), and supporting Pro when required is just absorbed into the launch checklist and approval.

Patches can never be charged, nor can exclusive Pro content can be charged either.

Like it often is with Japanese interviews, it's easy that something gets lost in the translation. While Sony has yet to officially comment on the matter, these two indie developers have at least made the situation a bit clearer.

The PlayStation 4 Pro launches this November in all regions.