You Might Not Get To See Android 5.1.1 On The G4 According To LG

Android 5.1 has started to see a gradual roll out to devices with Samsung's Galaxy flagships already having started to receive the update and a custom Android 5.1 for the HTC One M9 already out. However, as it has always been, it generally remains the choice of your device's manufacturer on whether to roll out the update to its devices. And we're afraid that some LG users are in for a bad bit of news today as the manufacturer recently made some statements regarding the update on Facebook.

No Android 5.1 Update For The LG G4 Right Now Says Company

Well, for all those hoping that their G4 will get updated to Android 5.1 as well, we've got some bad news for you today. LG doesn't seem to have any plans for the update so far, as shown in the image above. Both O2 UK and LG Hellas have responded today to user queries about the update, and so far, there's nothing concrete. LG did a good job with the G4 this time around, with the device's camera receiving several important changes and upgrades, alongside an improved UI.

Perhaps the company feels that its devices don't need Android Lollipop and can do without the update's changes. Or maybe they just haven't moved that far along into preparing the final version for end users. After all, Android M was unveiled by Google a while back, and perhaps LG is looking for a direct jump to it. Just like Apple's iOS 9 upgrade this year, Android M also saw a great variety of new features introduced by Google at this year's I/O. These include improved support for biometric recognition, more focus towards mobile payments and improved app functionality. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated. And let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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