Pizza Hut Introduces Pie-Top Sneakers For Ordering Pizza Anywhere


Ever fancied ordering your Pizza by tapping on your sneaker? Or having a pizza delivered at your live location? Well, Pizza Hut did fancy these scenarios and is now turning them into a reality. The popular Pizza chain has introduced Pie-Top sneakers that are integrated with Bluetooth to order your pizza. The Pie-Top sneakers also have built-in Geo-location technology for tracking your live location.

The Bluetooth on Pie-Top sneakers syncs with Pizza Hut mobile app. To order a pizza, a user has to press the red hat button placed on sneaker's tongue. Users can order a pre-selected pie or the Supreme Pie. The Geo-location technology on sneakers would provide directions to your live location.

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Initially, Pizza Hut will be making just 64 pairs of Pie-Top sneakers. These sneakers will not be available at public stores as the brand would first extend the availability for reviewers and influencers so that they can spread the word and make it popular in the public domain. Along with influencers, Pizza Hut will also be delivering Pie-Top sneakers to select Pizza Hut "super-fans."

In a press release, David Daniels, Pizza Hut’s vice president of media and advertising, said:

It’s always important that we make it easy for fans to order the Pizza Hut pizza they love without missing a moment of the March Madness action. We know pizza is a fan favorite during the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, and our special-edition Pie Tops are a culturally-timed creative expression of our commitment to providing the easiest pizza-ordering and delivery experience possible.

The brand also revealed that most of its online orders are made through the mobile app than the desktop website, which is why it thought about introducing Pie-Top sneakers. Currently, Pizza Hut is running a promotion for the Pie-Top sneakers at NCAA Men’s basketball tournament - March Madness. For promotions, Pizza Hut has created a series of advertisements starring former NBA great Grant Hill.

Here's one of the promotional videos for Pie-Top Sneakers:

It is worth noting that Pizza Hut had been struggling with sales as the last quarter witnessed 4 percent sales drop. Now, with Pie-Top sneakers, the company is expecting to cause some stir among consumers. Besides, the brand will also be offering two-topping pie pizza at a discounted price of $7.99 between March and April.